Teaching kids about where tap water, electricity and coal are from so that they may learn to use them in a reasonable way and treasure and protect the resources on the planet.


NY01 风力太阳能发电 Wind Power/Solar Power Generation



NY02 火力水力发电 Wind Power/Solar Power Generation



Teaching kids that solar power generation and wind power generation are important renewable new green energy with two power generating methods, namely gathering sunlight and heat with solar panel to convert solar energy into electricity and driving air wings with wind to convert mechanical energy into electricity.


Teaching kids that thermal power and hydroelectric power generation are two major traditional power generating methods by showing them the principles behind. The former converts thermal energy generated during the combustion of solid, liquid and gas fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas into electricity with electric power units and the latter uses water power to drive mechanical rotation to convert hydroenergy into mechanical energy, which then drives hydraulic generator to generate electricity.



NY03 天然气采集 Natural Gas Collection


NY04 自来水应用  Cycle of Tap Water 



Teaching kids that as a gaseous fossil fuel, natural gas may be delivered to thousands of households via gas pipeline after collection, transportation, purification and pressure regulation, that it makes cooking and showering more convenient for us by burning it with gas stove and water heater. 


Tap water is water drawn from rivers, lakes and underground water, surface water by water plants where it is precipitated, disinfected, filtered before it is delivered to every household to make our lives much more convenient. In the end, it is purified by sewage treatment plants and returned to nature. Teaching kids where tap water comes from and encouraging them to actively protect nature.